The Future of Shopping in the Age of AI

Is artificial intelligence the future of shopping? Will AI be able to
provide consumers with a personalized, seamless shopping experience in
the future?
Rory Sutherland believes that most of the time, humans don’t know what
they want until they see it.

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In another indication of the frightening pace at which nano and biotechnology is now moving, scientists have developed a technique that gives mice a near infra-red spectrum of vision, allowing them to see in the dark. Night goggles use infrared light and researchers have found a similar effect can be achieved by injecting specially designed ‘nanoparticles’ directly into the eyes of mice. And humans could follow.


After injection, the nanoparticles that gave the mice ‘super sight’ sit at the back of their retinas. From that position, they convert near infrared light that is normally invisible to the eye into a form of visible light. Effectively meaning the mice could see in the dark in a way similar to how they would if fitted with a set of high-tech night goggles like those used in the military. Over several weeks, the body gradually removes the nanoparticles without any visible ill effects on the mice.


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(CNN) US health officials announced Friday that they are now aware of at least 450 possible cases of severe lung disease that could be caused by vaping.

These cases, which have occurred in 33 states and one jurisdiction, include some cases that are still under investigation by state health officials.
A third confirmed death was also revealed in Indiana, and a fourth remains under investigation as a possible case. Two other deaths — one in Illinois and one in Oregon — had been previously reported.
One week ago, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced it was aware of at least 215 cases in 25 states, although that number did not include additional cases still under investigation.


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