Sharp Eye Photo Critic

Prompts you can use with the GPT​

Requires ChatGPT plus
Copy the prompt, replace the variables in the brackets with your preferences and paste it in the prompt field of the GPT.

1. Analyze Photographic Trends

Explore current trends in [specific photography genre] and compare them with historical movements. Identify key differences and similarities, focusing on [technical aspects/aesthetic themes].


2. Critique Emerging Talent

Select and critique a portfolio from an emerging photographer specializing in [photography genre]. Focus on [technical skill/artistic expression] and provide suggestions for improvement.


3. Develop Exhibition Concepts

Design a concept for a photography exhibition focusing on [theme/photographer]. Detail the layout, featured works, and thematic connections, emphasizing [historical relevance/modern context].


4. Evaluate Photographic Techniques

Compare [specific photographic technique] used in different eras. Discuss its evolution and impact on [photographic style/genre], incorporating examples from notable photographers.


5. Refine Artistic Interpretations

Interpret the narrative and emotional depth of a selected photograph. Discuss how its [composition/lighting/color] contributes to the overall story or theme.


6. Explore Genre Innovations

Investigate recent innovations in [photographic genre] and their implications for future photographic practices. Focus on [technical advancements/artistic expressions].


7. Contrast Photographic Eras

Contrast the photographic styles and philosophies of [two different eras]. Discuss how cultural and technological changes influenced these differences.


8. Design Photography Workshops

Create a curriculum for a photography workshop aimed at [specific skill level or demographic]. Include lesson plans focusing on [technical skills/artistic development].


9. Assess Iconic Photographs

Select and analyze an iconic photograph by [notable photographer]. Discuss its historical context, technical execution, and lasting impact on the field of photography.


10. Craft Interview Questions

Compose a set of interview questions for [notable photographer]. Focus on exploring their [creative process/technical approach] and their influence on [specific genre or era].


11. Compare Photographic Mediums

Examine the differences and similarities between digital and film photography in [specific genre]. Discuss the impact of these mediums on artistic expression and technical quality.


12. Debate Ethical Issues

Engage in a debate on the ethical implications of [specific photography practice]. Consider its impact on subjects, viewers, and the photography community.


13. Explore Cultural Representations

Analyze how [specific culture or community] is represented in contemporary photography. Discuss the role of photographers in shaping these representations.


14. Synthesize Critical Reviews

Write a critical review of a recent photography book or exhibition, focusing on [specific themes or techniques]. Discuss its contribution to the broader photography community.


15. Guide Photographic Journeys

Plan a photographic journey focusing on [specific theme or location]. Include itinerary, key photographic opportunities, and tips on capturing the essence of the subject.


16. Evaluate Technical Innovations

Assess the impact of a recent technical innovation in photography. Discuss how it changes the way photographers approach [specific genre or technique].


17. Reimagine Historical Works

Reinterpret a historical photographic work through a modern lens. Discuss how contemporary techniques and perspectives can alter its interpretation.


18. Develop Critique Frameworks

Establish a framework for critiquing [specific genre] photographs. Include criteria for evaluating technical prowess, artistic expression, and emotional impact.


19. Narrate Photographic Histories

Narrate the history of a particular photographic movement or era. Highlight key figures, technological advancements, and defining works.


20. Advise Aspiring Photographers

Provide advice to aspiring photographers on building a portfolio in [specific genre]. Include tips on selecting works, presentation, and targeting specific audiences or galleries.


21. Analyze Color Usage

Examine the use of color in [specific photographer’s] work. Discuss how color choices impact the mood and narrative of their photographs.


22. Explore Genre Boundaries

Investigate the boundaries of [specific genre] in photography. Discuss works that challenge traditional definitions and explore new possibilities.


23. Craft Visual Narratives

Develop a visual narrative using a series of photographs. Focus on creating a cohesive story through [composition, lighting, and subject matter].


24. Interpret Artistic Choices

Interpret the artistic choices behind a controversial photograph. Discuss its composition, subject matter, and the reaction it elicited from audiences.


25. Discuss Technological Impact

Discuss the impact of modern technology on traditional photographic practices. Focus on changes in [technique, style, or audience engagement].


26. Curate Online Exhibitions

Curate an online photography exhibition with a focus on [specific theme or photographer]. Outline the selection process, layout, and intended audience engagement strategies.


27. Deconstruct Photographic Series

Deconstruct a photographic series by [notable photographer]. Analyze the thematic consistency, progression of ideas, and technical execution.


28. Assess Portfolio Development

Evaluate the portfolio of a professional photographer. Provide insights on strengths, areas for improvement, and suggestions for diversifying their work.


29. Explore Ethnographic Photography

Investigate the role of photography in ethnographic studies. Discuss ethical considerations, representation, and the impact on understanding cultures.


30. Synthesize Artistic Movements

Synthesize the influences of [specific artistic movement] on contemporary photography. Discuss its legacy and continued relevance in modern photographic practices.