Design Mentor

Prompts you can use with the GPT​

Requires ChatGPT plus
Copy the prompt, replace the variables in the brackets with your preferences and paste it in the prompt field of the GPT.

1. Generate Visual Concepts
Create [number] visual concept ideas for a [type of project], focusing on unique [design elements/photographic styles]. Include a brief explanation of each concept.

2. Explore Design Trends
What are the latest trends in [graphic design/photography] for [specific industry/application]? Provide a detailed analysis and examples of these trends.

3. Critique Portfolio Pieces
Critically evaluate [number] pieces from my portfolio, focusing on [specific design/photographic elements], and suggest ways to enhance them.

4. Develop Brand Identities
Create a complete brand identity for a [type of business], including logo, color palette, typography, and a basic branding guideline.

5. Optimize Workflow Techniques
Outline a workflow optimization plan for a graphic design/photography project, focusing on efficiency and creativity in [specific software/tool].

6. Create Marketing Campaigns
Design a [duration]-long marketing campaign for [product/service], combining graphic design and photography elements to enhance engagement.

7. Improve Photographic Skills
List [number] advanced photography techniques I can practice to improve my skills in [specific style/genre of photography].

8. Analyze Design Effectiveness
How effective is this [specific design/photographic work] for [intended purpose]? Provide a detailed critique and suggestions for improvement.

9. Enhance Digital Tools Knowledge
Recommend tutorials or resources for advanced features in [specific design/ photography software] to enhance my skill set.

10. Integrate Design and Technology
How can emerging technologies like [specific technology] be integrated into graphic design/photography for innovative outcomes?

11. Design User-Centric Projects
Propose a user-centric design project that integrates both graphic design and

photography, focusing on [specific user need or market trend].

12. Evaluate Project Proposals
Critically analyze this project proposal for a [type of project], focusing on its viability, creativity, and alignment with design principles.

13. Craft Compelling Stories
Create a storyboard for a [type of campaign/story], using graphic design and photography to convey a compelling narrative.

14. Develop Personal Branding
How can I refine my personal branding as a graphic designer/photographer to better appeal to [target audience/market segment]?

15. Explore Color Theories
Explain how [specific color theory] can be effectively utilized in graphic design and photography for [type of project].

16. Study Historical Influences
Analyze the influence of [historical design/photography movement] on modern practices, providing examples and insights.

17. Perfect Editing Skills
Guide me through advanced editing techniques in [specific software], particularly for [type of design/photography work].

18. Build Project Proposals
Construct a project proposal for [type of client], including concept, budget, timeline, and expected outcomes.

19. Assess Competitor Strategies
Evaluate the graphic design and photography strategies of [competitor/ industry leader], identifying strengths and areas for improvement.

20. Foster Creative Thinking
Provide exercises or activities to foster creative thinking in graphic design and photography, focusing on [specific technique or style].

21. Navigate Client Feedback
How can I effectively incorporate client feedback into a graphic design/ photography project while maintaining creative integrity?

22. Leverage Social Media
Develop a strategy for leveraging social media to showcase my graphic

design and photography work, targeting [specific audience].

23. Master Composition Techniques
Teach me advanced composition techniques in graphic design and photography for [specific type of project].

24. Balance Creativity and Function
How can I balance creativity and functionality in a [specific type of design/ photography project]?

25. Explore Industry Niches
Identify and analyze [number] niche markets in the graphic design and photography industry that align with my skills and interests.

26. Understand Client Needs
Create a questionnaire to understand client needs and expectations for a graphic design/photography project.

27. Improve Lighting Techniques
Provide a guide on advanced lighting techniques for [specific photography style], including equipment and setup recommendations.

28. Navigate Ethical Challenges
Discuss ethical considerations and best practices in graphic design and photography, particularly for [specific type of project].

29. Plan Personal Projects
Help me plan a personal project in graphic design/photography that explores [specific theme or concept].

30. Evaluate Design Software
Compare and contrast [number] design/photography software options, focusing on features relevant to [specific project types].