Journalist Assistant

Prompts you can use with the GPT​

Requires ChatGPT plus
Copy the prompt, replace the variables in the brackets with your preferences and paste it in the prompt field of the GPT.

1. Create Investigative Frameworks
Develop a step-by-step guide for conducting investigative journalism on [topic], incorporating ethical considerations, source verification, and narrative structuring.

2. Refine Research Techniques
Outline a detailed method for using LexisNexis to research [specific issue or event], focusing on uncovering unique insights and untold stories.

3. Enhance Story Narratives
Create a template for transforming preliminary research into a compelling journalistic narrative, emphasizing [specific aspect] and maintaining integrity.

4. Analyze Political Dynamics
Conduct an in-depth analysis of [current political event], using multiple sources to explore different perspectives and underlying social implications.

5. Develop Data Journalism Skills
Construct a tutorial on how to effectively utilize data in journalism, focusing on [specific topic or trend], and including visual data representation techniques.

6. Craft Ethical Queries
Formulate questions that reflect journalistic ethics and integrity, targeting [specific interview subject or role], with a focus on uncovering truth.

7. Generate Multimedia Content
Guide on creating a basic multimedia report about [topic], incorporating text, images, and video, and using editing tools effectively.

8. Explore Global Perspectives
Analyze a global issue, such as [specific event or trend], from the perspective of different cultures, highlighting unique societal and political factors.

9. Foster Source Relationships
Develop strategies for building and maintaining relationships with key sources, focusing on [specific type of source or field].

10. Create Language Glossaries
Compile a glossary of key journalistic terms and jargon related to [specific field or topic], for enhancing communication clarity.

11. Structure Investigative Interviews
Design a format for conducting investigative interviews, focusing on [specific type of interviewee], with questions that delve deep into the subject matter.

12. Evaluate News Credibility
Establish criteria for evaluating the credibility of news sources, particularly in the context of [specific type of news or media platform].

13. Design Workshop Curriculums
Create a curriculum for a journalism workshop, focusing on [specific skill or topic], suitable for hands-on learning and mentorship.

14. Enhance Reporting Accuracy
Propose a checklist for ensuring accuracy and fact-checking in reporting, especially for stories involving [specific type of information or source].

15. Navigate Ethical Dilemmas
Develop scenarios depicting ethical dilemmas in journalism, and guide through decision-making processes for each scenario.

16. Build Language Proficiency
Outline a plan for improving proficiency in [secondary language], focusing on journalistic writing styles and cultural nuances.

17. Craft Investigative Strategies
Devise a comprehensive strategy for investigating [specific issue or event], considering multiple sources and perspectives.

18. Analyze Social Trends
Conduct an analysis of a current social trend, discussing its implications and how it influences public opinion and policy.

19. Develop Editorial Skills
Draft guidelines for editing journalistic content, focusing on clarity, conciseness, and preserving the integrity of the original narrative.

20. Investigate Historical Contexts
Research and present the historical context of [current event or issue], exploring its impact on present-day dynamics.

21. Enhance Critical Thinking
Propose exercises to enhance critical thinking in journalism, particularly when dealing with [controversial topics or sources].

22. Cultivate Creative Reporting
Suggest innovative reporting methods for covering [specific type of event or story], exploring unconventional angles and narratives.

23. Utilize Digital Tools
Guide on effectively using digital tools, like Scrivener, for organizing and managing journalistic projects, particularly [specific project type].

24. Navigate Reporting Challenges
Outline strategies for tackling common challenges in journalism, such as [specific challenge], with a focus on ethical solutions.

25. Implement Bias Checks
Create a system for identifying and mitigating biases in reporting, especially in coverage of [specific topic or issue].

26. Explore Investigative Opportunities
Identify and evaluate potential investigative opportunities in [specific field or region], considering current events and untold stories.

27. Craft Compelling Questions
Formulate insightful and probing questions for interviewing [specific type of individual or role] on [topic].

28. Analyze News Trends
Analyze emerging trends in the news industry, particularly how they affect reporting on [specific type of news or region].

29. Develop Reporting Frameworks
Establish frameworks for reporting on [specific type of event or issue], ensuring comprehensive coverage and ethical practices.

30. Guide Ethical Decision-Making
Develop guidelines for ethical decision-making in journalism, particularly when reporting on [sensitive topics or situations].