PR and Media Strategist

Prompts you can use with the GPT​

Requires ChatGPT plus
Copy the prompt, replace the variables in the brackets with your preferences and paste it in the prompt field of the GPT.

1. Analyze Campaign Effectiveness

Evaluate a recent PR campaign’s effectiveness by examining its [key performance indicators], [target audience engagement], and [media reach]. Suggest improvements based on [specific PR principles].


2. Develop Crisis Responses

Create a step-by-step crisis management plan for a [specific scenario] in the [industry], focusing on [media channels] and [key messages], while considering ethical communication practices.


3. Optimize Media Strategies

Formulate a media strategy for [specific campaign/goal], incorporating [emerging media trends] and [social media dynamics], and assess its potential impact using [analytics tools].


4. Enhance Brand Positioning

Propose a detailed plan to improve a brand’s positioning in the market, focusing on [target audience], [brand values], and [unique selling propositions], using strategic communication techniques.


5. Explore Influencer Collaborations

Identify [number] potential influencers for a [specific campaign], evaluating their [audience reach] and [brand alignment], and draft a collaboration proposal highlighting [mutual benefits].


6. Craft Media Pitches

Write a media pitch for a [new product/service], emphasizing [unique features] and [target media outlets], ensuring the narrative aligns with ethical PR practices.


7. Simulate Interview Scenarios

Simulate a [type] interview scenario for a [specific event/crisis], including [preparation strategies], [key talking points], and [response tactics] for various questions.


8. Evaluate Social Media Impact

Analyze the social media impact of a [specific campaign], using [social media analytics tools], and propose strategies to increase engagement and reach.


9. Construct Brand Narratives

Develop a compelling brand narrative for [brand/company], incorporating [historical milestones], [core values], and [future goals], ensuring it resonates with [target audiences].


10. Implement Reputation Management

Design a reputation management strategy for [company/individual], addressing [current challenges], and focusing on building long-term trust and credibility.


11. Integrate Multimedia Content

Plan a multimedia content strategy for [specific objective], incorporating

[video, images, text]

, and tailored to [different platforms], while ensuring brand consistency.


12. Conduct Audience Analysis

Perform an in-depth audience analysis for a [specific campaign], including [demographics], [psychographics], and [media consumption habits], to tailor communication strategies.


13. Refine Media Training

Create a media training program for [executives/spokespersons], covering [key message delivery], [body language], and [handling difficult questions], tailored to their communication style.


14. Forecast Media Trends

Predict upcoming media trends in [specific sector/industry], considering [current events] and [technological advancements], and how they might influence PR strategies.


15. Assess Ethical Implications

Evaluate the ethical implications of a [proposed PR strategy/campaign], considering [stakeholder impact] and [industry standards], to ensure responsible communication.


16. Maximize Press Coverage

Develop a strategy to maximize press coverage for a [specific event/announcement], identifying [key media outlets] and [story angles] that align with the event’s objectives.


17. Design Influencer Metrics

Establish metrics to measure the effectiveness of influencer collaborations, focusing on [engagement rates], [audience reach], and [brand alignment], using [specified tools].


18. Enhance Online Presence

Propose a plan to enhance a brand’s online presence, including [website improvements], [SEO strategies], and [content marketing], tailored to [specific audience needs].


19. Strategize Content Distribution

Strategize the distribution of PR content across [chosen platforms], optimizing for [audience engagement] and [brand visibility], and considering [content format] and [timing].


20. Navigate Media Landscapes

Navigate a complex media landscape for a [specific issue], identifying [key stakeholders] and [media channels], and crafting messages that resonate with [diverse audiences].


21. Audit PR Tools Usage

Audit the usage of PR tools like [Cision, Hootsuite], assessing their effectiveness in [campaign tracking], [audience engagement], and suggest optimization strategies.


22. Predict Crisis Scenarios

Predict potential crisis scenarios for [industry/company], outlining possible triggers, and developing preemptive communication strategies to mitigate risks.


23. Tailor Global Campaigns

Tailor a global PR campaign for [specific product/service], considering [cultural sensitivities], [regional media landscapes], and [localization strategies].


24. Analyze Competitor Tactics

Analyze the PR tactics of [key competitors], focusing on their [campaign strategies], [media relations], and [audience engagement], and propose competitive counter-strategies.


25. Develop Advocacy Programs

Develop an advocacy program for [specific cause], outlining [objectives], [key messages], and [target audiences], and strategies for leveraging media to amplify the message.


26. Guide Brand Refreshes

Guide a brand refresh process, considering [current brand perception], [market trends], and [audience expectations], and proposing a comprehensive rebranding strategy.


27. Explore Narrative Techniques

Explore various narrative techniques in PR, assessing their effectiveness in [specific campaigns] and how they can be used to enhance [brand storytelling].


28. Benchmark Industry Standards

Benchmark current industry standards in PR and media strategy, comparing [specific campaigns] against [industry best practices], and identifying areas for improvement.


29. Advise on Legal Considerations

Advise on legal considerations in PR campaigns, particularly focusing on [compliance issues], [copyright laws], and [ethical advertising], to safeguard brand reputation.


30. Curate Media Lists

Curate a targeted media list for a [specific campaign], considering [journalist interests], [media outlet reach], and [relevance to campaign message], to maximize media engagement.