If You’re Worried About DALL·E Replacing Illustrators, You Don’t Understand The Power of Illustration –

Earlier this month, Google engineer Blake Lemoine claimed that his employer’s AI chatbot LaMDA became sentient. During an “interview,” LaMDA agreed to some — very pointed — questions about its capacity to feel things, and Lemoine later stated “I know a person when I talk to it.” But there are some m

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CircularNet: Reducing waste with Machine Learning

Humans do a poor job of recycling, with less than 10% of our global resources recycled, and tossing 1 of every 5 items (~17%) in a recycling bin that shouldn’t be there. That’s bad news for everyone — recycling facilities catch fire, we lose billions of dollars in recyclable material every year — and at an existential level, we miss an opportunity to leverage recycling as an impactful tool to combat climate change. With this in mind, we may ask ourselves – how might we use the power of technology to ensure that we recycle more and recycle right?


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Doc Martens and The Met Release Hokusai-Inspired Collection

Dr. Martens and The Met have collaborated on a mini-collection honoring Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai.

Dr. Martens is known for its iconic footwear and, in the past, the company has married its designs with classic art by collaborating with Tate Britain. Now, Dr. Martens has a new artistic collaboration with the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and together they’re bringing the art of Japanese master Katsushika Hokusai to the masses. On November 26, limited edition boots, shoes, and a backpack adorned with his artwork were released to the public.

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AI & Ethics: Collaborative Activities for Designers | ideo.com

Today, data systems and algorithms can be deployed at unprecedented scale and speed—and unintended consequences will affect people with that same scale and speed. How can we always make sure we’re putting people first when designing large scale systems? Especially when those systems will change over time, even evolving without direct human supervision?

As you explore these questions and more, we hope these cards serve as a tool to help designers consider these challenges with a human-centered lens.

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Release of Stable Diffusion 2.0 !

The new Stable Diffusion 2.0 release features many improvements, including new base models, a 4x upscaling model, and a depth-guided stable diffusion model. These new models offer many creative possibilities for image transformation and synthesis.

New features in v2 include:

  • •Base 512×512 and 768×768 models trained from scratch with new OpenCLIP text encoder
  • X4 upscaling text-guided diffusion model

New “Depth2Image” functionality

Blog: https://t.co/o3udlBN8uz

This release is led by @robrombach @StabilityAI

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Scientists Make Breakthrough in Developing a New Vaccine That Could Finally Beat COVID

A new discovery in the fight against COVID-19 could lead to a long-lasting vaccine that works on all currently known variants of the ever-mutating virus. With new COVID variants and subvariants evolving faster and faster, each chipping away at the effectiveness of the leading vaccines, the hunt is on for a new kind of vaccine — one that works equally well on current and future forms of a novel coronavirus.



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‘Full-on robot writing’: the artificial intelligence challenge facing universities | Australian universities | The Guardian

AI is becoming more sophisticated, and some say capable of writing academic essays. But at what point does the intrusion of AI constitute cheating?

“Waiting in front of the lecture hall for my next class to start, and beside me two students are discussing which AI program works best for writing their essays. Is this what I’m marking? AI essays?”

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