Wolfram|Alpha as the Way to Bring Computational Knowledge Superpowers to ChatGPT — Stephen Wolfram

Combining Wolfram Alpha and GPT-3 could potentially create a powerful tool that could answer complex questions and generate human-like text. It could be used to provide in-depth explanations and discussions on a wide range of topics, and could be used to engage in natural-sounding conversations.


Accessing Wolfram|Alpha’s computational knowledge with ChatGPT–an ideal combination of precise computation with human-like expression of ideas. Stephen Wolfram explains how.


It’s always amazing when things suddenly “just work”. It happened to us with Wolfram|Alpha back in 2009. It happened with our Physics Project in 2020. And it’s happening now with OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Stephen Wolfram has been tracking neural net technology for about 43 years and he finds the performance of ChatGPT thoroughly remarkable. Suddenly, there is a system that can successfully generate text about almost anything—that’s very comparable to what humans might write. It’s impressive, and useful and its success is probably going to tell us some very fundamental things about the nature of human thinking.


But while ChatGPT is a remarkable achievement in automating the doing of major human-like things, not everything that’s useful to do is quite so “human like”. Some of it is instead more formal and structured. And indeed one of the great achievements of our civilization over the past several centuries has been to build up the paradigms of mathematics, the exact sciences—and, most importantly, now computation—and to create a tower of capabilities quite different from what pure human-like thinking can achieve.


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