The iPhone may get a big dose of AI this year. Here’s what to expect.

“Apple’s iOS 18 update will likely be full of new AI features …”

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have played an important role in the iPhone for years, powering features like Portrait Mode for the camera and the ability to copy and paste text from photos. But at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference, we’re expecting to learn about how Apple could take that to the next level by potentially bringing generative AI to the iPhone.

Generative AI, or AI models trained on large volumes of data that create content in response to prompts, has exploded in popularity following the success of ChatGPT. Tech giants such as Microsoft, Google, Samsung and Amazon, among many others, have introduced generative AI into their biggest products over the past year. Apple, however, has been quiet about its plans for generative AI, although CEO Tim Cook teased updates for 2024. 

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