Alan’s conservative countdown to AGI – We are 50% there…

AI reports by Dr Thompson
Cited: NBER AI report for US Government
The ChatGPT Prompt Book
Roadmap: AI’s next big steps…
Google Pathways: An Exploration…
Use cases for large language models…
What’s in my AI? Analysis of Datasets…
The rising tide lifting all boats
Irrelevance of intelligence


Annual AI retrospectives
The sky is infinite (2022 AI retrospective)
The sky is bigger… (mid-2022 AI)
The sky is on fire (2021 AI retrospective)


AI models
Google DeepMind Gemini
Snapchat My AI
Fudan MOSS
Google Bard
The GPT-3 Family: 50+ Models
Microsoft Bing Chat (Sydney)
Anthropic RL-CAI 52B
DeepMind Sparrow
Chinchilla scaling laws
Google Pathways


AI overview
The Gap: Waiting for the AI time lag
The AI Alignment Problem
AI: The Great Flood
GPT-3.5 and Raven’s
Talk to GPT
Large language models
AI report card
AI + IQ testing
Life-changing AI
Books written by AI
AI art
AI + the human brain
Learn more about AI


AI video
Una AI
Leta AI
GPT-3 vs IBM Watson
Aurora AI
Zhibing Hua AI (China)


AI media
Alan talks to ABC
AI is outperforming humans
AI fire alarm
AI sound bites


AI theory
The Who Moved My Cheese? AI awards!
Dr Ilya Sutskever
Dr Ray Kurzweil
Mocking AI panic
Arguments about AI
Why does AI make you so angry?
AI + economics
AI + ethics
AI + prompt crafting
AI + spirituality
AI timeline
AI papers
Connor Leahy
Quotes about AI
Marvin Minsky
AI definitions
Get The Memo (w/ MIT, Meta, IBM, Tesla)

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