Why Bluetooth Low Energy is the Best Solution for Wearables, Sensors, and Beacons | MbientLab

As you may know, the MetaWear platform is a wearable, sensor, and beacon development board that uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE) for wireless communication. We decided to use BTLE over other protocols such as Bluetooth Classic, WiFi, and WiFi Direct because BTLE:

  • Has lower power consumption.
    • Can be powered by a coin cell battery
    • Battery can last for months or even years depending on use case
  • Is a less complex protocol.
  • Costs less to implement (unit costs, layout, firmware, etc.).

While the other protocols offer some nice pros, namely higher data throughput and farther range, we believed in the end, BTLE is the best choice for wearables, sensors, and beacons. Now, you may be thinking that it is silly to sacrifice superior data throughput and range however, none of the aforementioned use cases justified trading the power, complexity, and cost benefits of BTLE.

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