What is artificial general intelligence (AGI)? Can we build machines that are as smart as humans?

An Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) would be a machine capable of understanding the world as well as any human, and with the same capacity to learn how to carry out a huge range of tasks.


AGI doesn’t exist yet, but has featured in science-fiction stories for more than a century, and been popularized in modern times by films such as 2001: A Space Odyssey. Fictional depictions of AGI vary widely, although tend more towards the dystopian vision of intelligent machines eradicating or enslaving humanity, as seen in films like The Matrix or The Terminator. In such stories, AGI is often cast as either indifferent to human suffering or even bent on mankind’s destruction.


In contrast, utopian imaginings, such as Iain M Banks’ Culture civilization novels, cast AGI as benevolent custodians, running egalitarian societies free of suffering, where inhabitants can pursue their passions and technology advances at a breathless pace. Whether these ideas would bear any resemblance to real-world AGI is unknowable since nothing of the sort has been created, or, according to many working in the field of AI, is even close to being created.

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