Unnecessary and unacceptable tragedy: Measles cases reach record high in Europe

Cases of measles have reached a record high in Europe this year, with more cases recorded in the first six months of 2018 than any other 12-month period this decade, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).


More than 41,000 children and adults contracted measles in the European region from January to June — almost double the number of people infected with measles for all of 2017.

Last year was a record high for measles cases, with 23,927 people becoming infected in Europe that year, but numbers this year have already exceeded those figures. In 2016 there was a yearly total of 5,273 cases of measles.
"The current outbreaks threaten the lives of children and adults, and put the progress that has been made so far at risk," said Dr. Mark Muscat, technical officer with the vaccine-preventable diseases and immunization program at the WHO’s Regional Office for Europe. "This is an unnecessary and unacceptable tragedy when we have a safe and effective vaccine available to prevent the disease."

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