Triangular Series: a site-specific lighting installation for Design Miami/ Basel

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Suspended from the ceiling of the entrance hall of the Herzog & De Meuron designed Basel Exhibition Centre, the forms that make up Jamie Zigelbaum’s Triangular Series resemble evolved stalactites. Pulsing with light and responding with a unique sensitivity to the people sharing the space with them, 59 large, suspended tetrahedra of varying sizes will be scattered throughout the space to create an all-encompassing, immersive environment for visitors as they arrive and depart the fair.

Constructed from translucent acrylic, a synthesis of custom electronics, including high-power LEDs, advanced sensors and software that allow forms to communicate with individuals in the space, and each other. Each has a luminous respiratory system, and as visitors approach each object, their respiration changes and the forms react. The tetrahedrals also communicate with each other, synchronizing rhythms of illumination through a digitally mediated dialogue. While each form is itself an individual, synthetic organism, together they act as one — an emergent presence that transcends each’s individuality…

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