The Smallest MicroLED Display Ever Built: Is Much Smaller Than a Bug

Mojo Vision’s microLED display has record-breaking pixel density and a somewhat mysterious purpose.


A Silicon Valley-based startup has recently emerged from stealth mode to reveal what it claims is the smallest, most pixel-dense dynamic display ever built. Mojo Vision’s display is just 0.48 millimeters across, but it has about 300 times as many pixels per square inch as a typical smartphone display.


The display used microLED technology instead of OLEDs (as in several generations of Samsung devices and the iPhone X) or an LCD (as in every other iPhone). Made from gallium nitride, microLED displays can consume as little as 10 percent of the power of LCDs and are 5 to 10 times as bright as OLEDs. That combination makes them a good fit for head-up displays and other augmented reality applications.


Like other microLED companies looking to power augmented reality devices, Mojo Vision builds it gallium-nitride microLEDs as an array and then bonds the array to a silicon CMOS backplane that switches them on and off. Paul Martin, vice president for displays, says the company had to overcome several hurdles to build the 14,000 pixels-per-inch display. “The pixels are 1.3 [micrometers across], which means that the gap is only 0.5 µm. Smaller gaps creates harder and harder problems of fabrication.” He would not detail how the company overcame this problem and others.

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