The accidental space library: Elon Musk launched books to space that could last 14 billion years

That Tesla Roadster? It’s actually a stealth space library launched to space aboard the Falcon Heavy rocket thanks to a tweet sent to Elon Musk.


Humanity’s first-ever permanent space library was effectively founded this week, as the three books of Isaac Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy blasted into the solar system. The novels weren’t really expected to make it to space. They weren’t deliberately chosen. But they will probably be out there for millions of years, zipping around the sun, moving out past Mars 20 times faster than a bullet — and they almost certainly won’t be the last.


Another reason you might have missed the news is because the library’s curator — an entrepreneur with a fitting space name, Nova Spivack — wasn’t allowed to send out so much as a press release in advance of the launch, despite it being a triumph for his young knowledge-preserving nonprofit, the Arch Mission Foundation


"We agreed to secrecy," Spivack tells Mashable, before thanking SpaceX, and its CEO Elon Musk, for letting him speak out post-launch about his part in what he calls "the most epic brilliant piece of performance art in world history."

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