Samsung Forecasts Commercialization of Exceptionally Fast 6G Telecom Services by 2030

Samsung Electronics recently stated that it anticipates mass commercialization of sixth-generation (6G) services by 2030. It is projected that the 6G standard network could start as early as 2028 with mass commercialization of the system taking place in 2030, as stated in its publication entitled “The Next Hyper-Connected Experience for All.”

Choi Sung-Hyun, head of the Advanced Communications Research Center at Samsung Research, said that the period it takes to start preparing for 6G research and commercialization would be approximate ten years. South Korea seeks to attain the first implementation and commercialization of 6G mobile telecommunication worldwide by 2028. The country has an excellent track record and was the first to launch a 5G network commercially in April 2019. In line with this, Samsung assembled a research team for developing 6G technologies, which would ensure an advantage in the marketplace. The advancement of 5G into 6G would usher a new era of mobile technology.

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