Qualitative Formative Assessment Toolkit – Guest Post from Reshan Richards – EdTechTeacher

Dr. Reshan Richards: “Each of these approaches allows teachers and learner to capture and create moments of learning, excerpts of understanding, and reflections of experience. Let’s pretend to be one of my 5th-grade math students from last year participating in an activity about tessellating patterns. The activity was to figure out what individual shapes, when arranged in a flat pattern with touching sides, formed a closed tesselating patter (a regular tessellation). This activity involved using physical manipulative objects (pattern blocks), a piece of paper to document findings (journal workbook page), and NCTM Illumination’s Tessellation Creator website as resources for engaging in the experience of exploring regular tessellation. Here’s how the QFAT could be applied to this activity with an iPad.”

Source: edtechteacher.org

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