A monkey’s brain builds a picture of a human face somewhat like a Mr. Potato Head — piecing it together bit by bit. The code that a monkey’s brain uses to represent faces relies not on groups of nerve cells tuned to specific faces — as has been previously proposed — but on a population of about 200 cells that code for different sets of facial characteristics. Added together, the information contributed by each nerve cell lets the brain efficiently capture any face, researchers report June 1 in Cell.



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The planet KELT 9b is so hot — hotter than many stars — that it shatters gas giant temperature records, researchers report online June 5 in Nature. This Jupiter-like exoplanet revolves around a star just 650 light-years away, locked in an orbit that keeps one side always facing its star. With blistering temps hovering at about 4,300o Celsius, the atmosphere on KELT 9b’s dayside is over 700 degrees hotter than the previous record-holder — and hot enough that atoms cannot bind together to form molecules.


“It’s like a star-planet hybrid,” says Drake Deming, a planetary scientist at the University of Maryland in College Park who was not involved in the research. “A kind of object we’ve never seen before.”


KELT 9b also boasts an unusual orbit, traveling around the poles of its star, rather than the equator, once every 36 hours. And radiation from KELT 9b’s host star is so intense that it blows the planet’s atmosphere out like a comet tail — and may eventually strip it away completely.


The planet is so bizarre that it took scientists nearly three years to convince themselves it was real, says Scott Gaudi of Ohio State University. Deming suspects KELT 9b is “the tip of the iceberg” for an undiscovered population of scalding-hot gas giants.

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Become part of a vibrant community of world-class professionals transforming the lives of a motivated and diverse student population. A pioneer in innovative academic programs since 1897 Bay Path University is seeking an experienced adjunct faculty member to teach an online graduate level course for the Master’s program in Applied Data Science. This course runs in an 8-week session (October 23, 2017 through December 16, 2017) and meets fully online.

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More companies are turning to smart machines to save money on slow, expensive human employees. Here’s everything you need know about automation – and what it means for your job.   Grand Challenges In this special series, Future Now takes a close look at the biggest, most important issues we face in the 21st Century.…

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Vimeo is launching a new set of tools for its Business Membership subscribers today, rolling out new interactive video cards, end screens and updated email capture features.

The new video cards include a mobile-first design and offer a “customizable, notification-style layer that Business members can set to appear at any point during playback.”

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