Google has announced a tool that will let small to medium businesses recruit more quality candidates efficiently. ‘Hire‘ is not to be confused with ‘Google for Jobs’ which Google announced last month which helps people find jobs via search easier. Instead ‘Hire’ works directly with Google’s G Suite (Gmail). 

‘Hire’ is a smart play by Google. Not only will the tool get more small businesses using G-suite (a direct competitor to Microsoft’s Office) but it also makes the whole Google product set more alluring to those wavering. LinkedIn looks almost clunky next to Hire and isn’t half as friendly as Google to small and medium sized businesses looking to save time and money. While clearly belonging to Google, small businesses get a sense of ownership they are unlikely to get with LinkedIn. 

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We’ve committed many social media mistakes that have cost us reach, engagement, fans, and customers! Here’s what we’ve learned and how you can avoid them.



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Learn from These 10 Social Media Mistakes We’ve Made

Here’s a quick overview of the social media mistakes we’ve been making until recently:

  1. Focusing on quantity over quality
  2. Being on all social media platforms
  3. Posting the same content across platforms
  4. Using only landscape images and videos
  5. Sharing only our own content
  6. Not curating user-generated content
  7. Not uploading videos to social media platforms
  8. Not targeting specific audience for our content
  9. Not boosting the right posts
  10. Not replying to questions on social (fast enough)


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“New research on how bees perceive colour could be put to good use in our digital cameras, meaning photos shot by drones or phones would look more natural than ever. It’s all to do with colour constancy, the way that bees (and humans) can tell a flower is red no matter what the colour or quality of the light – a mental trick that the digital cameras of today really struggle with.”

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