Happy Solstice and related holidays. Happy New Year 2018. Warm wishes to all as the sun returns to the northern hemisphere. Cheers!

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Happy Solstice!

For most of the world’s population, this Thursday (Dec. 21) will be the shortest day and longest night of the year as the winter solstice kicks in. The day marks the beginning of winter for the northern hemisphere when the sun’s rays are directly over the Tropic of Capricorn, the southernmost latitude (23.5° S

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Scientists have identified a new form of matter, the existence of which has been theorised for 50 years. The substance is known as “excitonium”. It is made up of excitons – unusual particles made up of an escaped electron and the hole it has left behind in a material.

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AI tools could help us turn information gleaned from genetic sequencing into life-saving therapies. Almost 15 years after scientists first sequenced the human genome, making sense of the enormous amount of data that encodes human life remains a formidable challenge. But it is also precisely the sort of problem that machine learning excels at.


Google has now released a tool called DeepVariant that uses the latest AI techniques to build a more accurate picture of a person’s genome from sequencing data. DeepVariant helps turn high-throughput sequencing readouts into a picture of a full genome. It automatically identifies small insertion and deletion mutations and single-base-pair mutations in sequencing data.



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