I recently spent a week flying the DJI Phantom 2 Vision quadcopter. It’s a 2.5 pound drone with an attached camera and easy flight controls, and I loved it.


But I also had repeat unsettling occurrences while flying the drone. The first was, of course, the crashes. I hit a car. I botched a landing and slammed down on a stranger’s roof. But more unsettling was the accidental footage and pictures I caught of the inside of people’s apartments.


The experience taught me that a camera attached to a flying machine could have a bigger impact than we all imagine on the way we live.


When they hear the word “drone,” most people think of the bomb-dropping variety. Those aren’t landing in consumer hands anytime soon.


Personal drones are smaller, lighter and are most likely carrying a camera. But when an accident occurs and one is dropped from several hundred feet in the air, they can still be dangerous.


In late September, a man flew a Phantom over New York City for about three minutes before a collision with a building caused it to crash several feet in front of a pedestrian. It’s beautiful footage, but the pilot repeatedly bounces the aircraft off of buildings, creating a series of dangerous situations.


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Source: gigaom.com