Email marketing has never had good press. That’s because many newsletters look the same. 

Unfortunately, what works for one marketer may not for another person. You need to be creative.

As I always say, the most creative ideas are often the simplest. 

Rohan Ayyar has written a very good articles for HubSpot. Here are his suggestions, accompanied with case studies:

– Understand the user experience

– Reengage inactive subscribers

– Leverage coupons beyond sales

– Build reviews into your emails

Bookmark the post. You may find yourself coming back to it quite often. 

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Cendrine Marrouat


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‘Plyscrapers,’ created out of material similar to Ikea’s wooden furniture, may be the future of high-rise buildings.

In 2023, Swedish architecture firm C.F. Møller will transform the Stockholm skyline—and perhaps the very notion of skyscrapers. Last December, the designers won a competition organized by HSB Stockholm to honor the local real estate titan’s upcoming centenary with an ostentatious new high-rise. Møller submitted three designs, but the public latched onto one in particular: a thirty-four story tower made almost entirely out of wood, save for a spindly concrete core and a few steel poles on the ground floor. If constructed, the tower will be the largest mostly-wooden structure in the world. But rather than a one-off, it could be the clarion call needed to rouse the public around a new architectural trend.


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