[Images by Fiddler49][Images by Fiddler49]By mastering the assembly of compound materials, the Mongols had created an incredibly powerful bow, as we saw in the previous entry. But the way that they used it, which differed from the European method, necessitated a secondary support object that was the result of early…

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SEO For Web Designers
Web designers are where rubber meets road for Search Engine Optimization, but it is unrealistic to expect designers to become SEO experts. This Haiku Deck sets reasonable expectations and outlines a handful of technical SEO best practices sure to help any web designer understand the most Darwinian of practices – today’s SEO.  

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Creating the “Internet of Things” by connecting everyday objects like factory machines, vehicles and buildings to the web could be worth between $3.9 trillion and $11.1 trillion by 2025,

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Are you using all available tools for your school’s social media campaigns? Learn why and how you should effectively be using hashtags.

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Andrea Constantini is an Italian photographer and graphic designer, and founder of PhotogtaphizeMag, an independent, free, electronic magazine.

He believes that “photography in the modern has received the gift of digital”, a gift that he uses in his beautiful works. In his architecturalized collection, he emphasized the idea of the human mind is made for being constantly elsewhere, this being one of the single, most important distinctions between a “conscious man and an instinctive animal”, giving us the ability to overcome the boundaries of not only social restraints, economical differencies and other such daily struggles, but also infinite concepts such as space and time…

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