With Miroslav Tichý’s “Trap for a Voyeur” now on view atGalerie Christophe Gaillard in Paris, it’s time to decide whether the late Czech photographer’s output is sinister or seductive.

Tichý is known for capturing covert shots of unbeknowing women. The artist wandered around the streets and parks of Kyjov, Czechoslovakia, and whenever he spotted a woman he liked the look of, a body he could desire from a distance, he took her photograph. His work was surreptitious: it wasn’t that he asked her. To call him a “voyeur,” as does the exhibition’s title, is to put it lightly. 

Source: www.artsy.net

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We’re in the middle of winter here, so what better time is it to look at some of the most breathtaking photos of the season? We’ve looked through the web and we’ve found photo after photo of photographers who’ve shot, not just snow or ice, but trees covered in white, lakes dotted in ice. Around the world, photographers have captured the magic of winter, the beauty of the season encapsulated in a moment. Now, we hope you enjoy this original compilation of 19 photos of winter wonderlands around the world.

Above photo: Viktoria Haack

Bavaria, Germany Photo: Kilian Schoenberger

Nagano, Japan Photo: Takanobu Nushi

Kuusaankoski, Laukaa, Finland Photo: Joni Rahunen

Foreste Casentinesi, Monte Falterona, Campigna National Park, Italy Photo: Roberto Melotti

Moominworld in Naantali, Finland Photo: Miki K

Dingle, Liverpool, England Photo: Owen Buckley

Long Bridge, Skaneateles, New York Photo: Matt Champlin

Estonia Photo: Jan Lepamaa

Paris, France Photo: Irene F

Tromso, Northern…

Source: www.mymodernmet.com

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Using data collected from Numbeo—the “world’s largest database of user contributed data about cities and countries worldwide”—web resource Movehub has created an infographic that points out the cost of living in different countries around the world. 

According to Movehub, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) was used to determine the living costs in the countries, which takes into account the prices for groceries, transportation, restaurants and utilities. 

Switzerland, Norway, Venezuela and Iceland have been identified as countries with the highest living cost, while India, Nepal, Pakistan and Tunisia have the lowest cost of living. 

Source: designtaxi.com

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Japanese design firm Nendo, recently declared Maison&Objet’s “Designer of the Year”, was invited to design a lounge for visitors at the furniture and design show—for the occasion, they have also created nine pieces of chocolates that Fast Co. Design has described as the “world’s most beautiful”. 

Source: designtaxi.com

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Take a below-the-surface look at Deloitte’s 2015 Analytics Trends report.

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Source: public.deloitte.com

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