Head of NASA says that intelligent alien life is likely because the universe is so vast

Intelligent alien life is likely because the universe is so big, the head of Nasa has said. Bill Nelson, the former space shuttle astronaut and US senator, said that the James Webb Telescope, which launched last Christmas, could help detect worlds where life could thrive. Speaking at the Financial Times Investing in Space Conference on Wednesday, Mr Nelson was asked whether he believed in intelligent extraterrestrial life. “The short answer is yes,” he said. “That would be a page one story, wouldn’t it? Look how big the universe is. We know that we have in our galaxy, millions, if not billions of suns. And we know that in addition to our galaxy, there are millions, if not billions, of galaxies with millions, or billions, of suns. Now is there a possibility in a universe that big that conditions like the Earth have been created? Of course, there is that possibility.” He added: “With the James Webb telescope, we’re going to be able to have such precision to look at a planet and determine the chemical composition of its atmosphere so we can determine if it has a possibility of a habitable atmosphere.”


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