Elon Musk demonstrates Neuralink brain-chip implant on a Pig

Elon Musk demonstrated a working Neuralink brain-machine interface device implanted on a pig during a live broadcast.  He said the purpose of the presentation was to recruit employees that would like to help develop the system. – “We’re not trying to raise money or do anything else, but the main purpose is to convince great people to come work at Neuralink, and help us bring the product to fruition; make it affordable and reliable and such that anyone who wants one can have one,” he said. Neuralink aims to solve brain-related issues with the brain chip called ‘Link’. Musk said the device could help solve memory loss, strokes, addiction, depression, anxiety, even monitor a users’ health to warn if they are about to have a heart attack. The interface could also help return mobility to paralyzed individuals through artificial limbs. The user would be able to move prosthetics with their thoughts via the Link brain-machine interface.


Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.tesmanian.com