Encaustic means ‘o burn’. The ethereal quality of Betsy Eby’s encaustic paintings belies the labor-intensive process of their making — an ancient method involving heated wax, damar resin (the sap of a Southeast Asian pine), and pigment applied in translucent veils with brushes and knives. Using a blowtorch, she liquefies the wax and fuses the layers with fire.

Source: www.theparisreview.org

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A little over a year ago we loaded this post which featured 100 images from our 2013 Great Migration season. Now, a year later, we are looking back at another incredible 8 weeks of Great Migration safaris and if you’ve been following our incredible season through posts on the Wild Eye Facebook page and the trip reports our guys have been sharing, you will know that it was once again an authentic African experience that we shared with our guests. The photography was amazing but more than that, th

Source: photography.wild-eye.co.za

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Canadian design collective Les Astronautes has lined a disused alley in Quebec with hundreds of protruding pool noodles.

Laval University School of Architecture graduates Gabrielle Blais-Dufour, Robin Dupuis and Alexandre Hamlyn from Les Astronautes won a competition to create an installation in a narrow space between two streets.

Source: www.dezeen.com

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