60 seconds Rapid Point-of-Care Diagnostics for CoVID19 using a novel multiplexed immuno-biosensor

Using a novel multiplexed immuno-biosensor, Hememics is trying to provide a rapid detection solution of COVID-19 anywhere in the world. Rapid, cost-effective and real-time biomarker measurements are essential for quick and effective diagnosis and treatment of emerging diseases like COVID-19.


Hememics has developed a diagnostic test platform that can yield sensitive, selective, and measurable signals in response to specific antibodies and antigens in 60 seconds or less, with a single nasal swab or drop of blood. Testing is simple and could be administered by any health care worker, anywhere: ambulances, emergency rooms, community clinics, and makeshift hospitals.

Most importantly, this Bluetooth® connected technology transmits the test results to a cloud-based data management network, enabling real-time geographical alerts of outbreaks or travel screening at airports, borders, and transportation terminals.


The multiplex chip device can simultaneously detect up to 17 pathogens from blood or nasal swab.

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