Jackie Higgins’ “The World Atlas of Street Photography,” published by Yale University Press, features a compendium of artists and perspectives from around the world, each fearlessly hunting the urban jungle, camera in hand. Today we’re admiring the work of 10 street photographers from the “World Atlas” collection, those interested in freezing city life at its most humorous, disturbing, profound or bizarre. Whether working in Johannesburg, South Africa or Mumbai, India, the following photographers document flickering instants from the theater of the streets, thus revealing how one, small moment can potentially speak to the entire world.

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In the age of Big Data, folks are often overwhelmed by the volume of data sources, charts, and graphs thrown at them every day. Enter data visualization – the ability to condense, analyze, and share data that makes an impact. Throughout history, data visualization has been used to document everything from health crises to the effect of colors on mood.

But what exactly does data visualization do and how can you leverage it to grow your business? Are data visualization and infographics the same thing? Read on to learn more, plus discover some fascinating examples.

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