12 design fails that were so bad they were actually good

Good design takes a lot of skill, time and energy – it never happens by chance. And it’s vital to remember that design is ultimately about clear communication. Just as a writer or speaker needs to choose the perfect words to deliver their message, designers must communicate theirs by selecting the correct visual elements, which convey exactly what they want to say.

But unintended interpretations sometimes occur, creating confusion through oversight or lack of feedback. Sometimes, those mistakes can be so major that onlookers outside the process wonder how the design got signed off. Bad design can serve a purpose, though, which is to exist as a lesson on what not to do. Here, we round up 12 ginormous design fails, covering packaging, UI and logo design, which offer us all something to learn from. If you’d like a lesson on what to do, see our guide to logo design.

We look at 12 design blunders that serve as lessons to avoid repeating in your own projects.

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